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The legal system can only do a few things for you. However, it can do a lot, “to you” and none of them are good, so you should avoid litigation if at all possible, yes I am a lawyer. I always try to ask my clients, (when I remember.) What will make you happy? Then we discuss how the system can or cannot help them get what they want. As you expect this is a reality check for my clients and sometime myself.
I usually start by point out that happiness is fleeting and life is 80% daily grind, 10% total disaster, 5% Ok and if you are lucky 5% happiness. Your results may vary. I have found a conversation explaining just meeting the basic human needs can result in happiness and even people with vast resources and time to enjoy them will not necessarily be happy. Unless you appreciate what you have, you will never be happy. The best way I have found to be happy is to share your resources.

Now anyone who has known me since I was a rotten kid, will choke on their laughter because as an older brother and generally larger guy and bully, I have always said “sharing is for the weak.” Anyone not strong enough to hold on to what they want, doesn’t really deserve it in the first place. This also works for those who want something bad enough to fight for it. However, after you get what you want sometimes it loses its luster and appeal and you may see that only the battle is what you wanted, not the prize. This pattern I see repeated often. I frequently use the old adage “be careful what you wish for” I love adages old and new, so get used to it.

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  1. Shawn

    Instead of gambling, same sometime just throw the money out the window as you go by the casino. Do not get me wrong I am pro gaming but then I work for the house. The object of a casino is to keep “cheats in the seat.” For instance if you knew the odds you would never put your money on the table. The only time a rational person would gamble is if they thought they had a system or were so skilled that they will beat the odds, in other words they have built up in their mind a system. My very observant brother while in Las Vegas once said, “If the odds were my favor we would be gambling in tents not multi-million dollar casinos.”
    Hey, casinos usually have great food and entertainment to keep you happy and “in house.”
    Bookkeepers and power of attorney are the legal way to fleece you of your hard-earned funds. Be very afraid when it comes to in house financial help. The classic case I hear about is a small business with a bookkeeper of about 5 years that has gained trust. Then there is a downturn in income or a flat out disappearance of the bookkeeper without any visible cause. The books will be unavailable or in disarray. There will be payments to an unfamiliar source or overpayments to an existing supplier. As hard as it was for me to believe, this is legal. When you allow someone access to your bank account and they pay a legitimate business you cannot recover the money from the business and it is not fraud. It is wrong and you may eventually get the money back but usually it is too late by the time you figure out the booker overpaid the supplier by a small amount every month and kept the refund or worse paid invoices to a company that never supplied you with service. The simple answer to this widespread problem is to either write the checks yourself or reconcile the checkbook and invoices yourself. I know this seems like a waste of your valuable time but giving the money away is a lot worse. Easier just, hire a C.P.A. or an outside firm.
    The other reoccurring problem I deal with is investments and the lack of return. When you agree to an ongoing investment, ask yourself where is the return? How do I get paid? Who is holding the money? Who is driving this bus and are we going off a cliff? Small business needs capital to start. Start up costs are an unpleasant fact and the opportunity for gain and losses are not equal, not even close. Small businesses fail more often than not and if you are an investor, your funds will vanish. Because this is common, no one will have any interest in a capitalist like you. It happens every day and when you invest, remember that money that leaves your control many never come back. The old adage “if you love something set if free” does not apply to money.

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